Customer Case Study

MapR Data Lake Solution Cuts New Customer On-boarding Time by 50%

MAG45, based in the Netherlands, is one of the leading industrial integrators in Europe. The integrator provides maintenance and repair services to help customers improve the productivity and efficiency of their production lines. By accessing low volume parts more economically, they can help customers reduce total cost of ownership for their production operations.

RiskIQ Provides More Advanced Security Threat Detection Using the MapR Platform

RiskIQ’s external threat management platform gives customers a unified way to discover, detect, investigate and remediate threats that occur outside a com- pany’s firewall.

Their security management technology inventories and monitors the entire web from the outside in, and can identify events such as someone attempting to impersonate a company’s website, mobile apps or executive social profiles.

Pico Selects MapR as Technology Foundation to Develop Innovative Services

Pico, based in New York, is a financial technology services firm and agency-only broker dealer that provides technology solutions and market structure and regulatory expertise to diverse financial services clients. Pico’s clients include proprietary trading groups, market makers, asset managers, banks, broker dealers, hedge funds, technology vendors, and liquidity venues.

Terbium Labs Relies on MapR Technology to Discover Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Terbium Labs is a security startup offering technology that proactively discovers when information stolen from companies shows up on hidden criminal websites. Terbium’s fingerprinting technology has multiple layers of complexity. “The indexing we do is computationally complex because we store everything as fingerprints. We never store raw information,” explains Moore. Fingerprints do not require access to, storage, or modification of the original data.

sovrn Uses MapR as Foundational Data Platform for Online Advertising Exchange

sovrn operates a real-time online advertising bidding exchange with direct relationships to over 50,000 publishers and their websites. The company has been using the MapR Distribution including Hadoop for more than three years. As sovrn has grown, MapR has grown along with it and has become the source of record for all of its log data.


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