Faster development and production success for your Hadoop and big data applications.

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Complete Hadoop Distribution

Have the complete feature set including Apache HBase, Hive, Pig, Mahout and the rest of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem at your disposal. Build your jobs and applications that benefit from the underlying performance, reliability and ease of use of the MapR Data Platform. Also leverage packages such as Cascading to jump-start writing MapReduce code.
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24x7 NoSQL Applications

Build operational database applications on a high performance Hadoop platform with zero downtime. MapR provides continuous consistent performance and ensures data from a failed node becomes instantly available for the application, ensuring SLAs.

Simplified Workflows

With a unified namespace for files and tables, design MapReduce workloads alongside database workloads. Decide on the best application workflow for integrating structured and unstructured data with the flexibility to create and delete files and tables on the fly without any administrator intervention.

Faster Development with NFS Access

Only MapR gives you POSIX-compliant random read-write file system to mount the cluster as a volume via NFS. This allows applications to stream data directly and enable existing C/C++ libraries or other file-based applications to perform random read-write operations on cluster data. Gain browser access to view files and use custom scripts or standard enterprise and UNIX tools to access and manipulate data easily.


MapR Direct Access NFS Tech Brief:
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Easy Connectivity

Leverage standard ODBC interface to integrate with SQL data sources directly without special connectors. Create automated flows between your BI systems and the Hadoop cluster, making it completely transparent to the business user.

Massive Scalability at Lower Cost

Unlike other Hadoop distributions, MapR gives you higher scalability at lower cost. Scale up to 10,000 nodes, create over a trillion files and tables and extend your database design with up to 64 database column families per table.