MapR Streams is a global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data

MapR Streams is the first big data-scale streaming system built into a converged data platform, and the only big data streaming system to support global event replication reliably at IoT scale.

Key Features

Converged Platform For Streaming: The MapR Converged Data Platform allows you to quickly and easily build breakthrough, reliable, real-time applications by providing:

  • Single cluster for streams, file storage, database, and analytics.
  • Persistence of streaming data, providing direct data access to batch and interactive frameworks, eliminating data movement.
  • Unified security framework for data-in-motion and data-at-rest, with authentication, authorization, and encryption.
  • Utility-grade reliability with self-healing and no single point-of-failure architecture.

Continuous Data: MapR Streams makes data available instantly to stream processing and other applications, providing:

  • Kafka API for real-time producers and consumers for easy application migration.
  • Out-of-box integration with popular stream processing frameworks like Spark Streaming, Storm, Flink, and Apex.

Global: MapR Streams globally replicates event data at IoT-scale, with:

  • Arbitrary topology supporting thousands of clusters across the globe. Topologies of connected clusters include one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many, star, ring, and mesh. Topology loops are automatically handled to avoid data duplication.
  • Global metadata replication. Stream metadata is replicated alongside data, allowing producers and consumers to failover between sites for high availability. Data is spread across geographically-distributed locations via cross-cluster replication to ensure business continuity, should an entire sitewide disaster occur.

Use Cases

  • Smart Cities: An interview with Mingding Han of Singapore’s A*STAR about use cases and emerging developments concerning smart cities. Learn about the concept of smart cities from an expert in the community IoT domain.
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  • IoT Transforming the Automotive, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas Industries: Most likely, you’ve seen quite a few “Internet of Things” headlines in the last year. But how will the IoT really transform the world as we know it? Check out our Internet of Things infographic to see how MapR, together with our technology partners, is revolutionizing the Automotive, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas industries.
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  • Quantium Captures New Niche in Data Analytics Market: Australian consumers are among the most technologically sophisticated in the world, using a wide range of applications and devices to shop whenever and wherever they choose. They demand to be served quickly, and this creates opportunities for highly responsive companies. Above all, consumers value a personalized experience, one with messages, recommendations, and promotions tailored to each individual.
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Kafka Connect and Kafka REST Proxy now available with new MapR Ecosystem Pack
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