MapR teams up with industry-leading cloud service providers to bring the flexibility, agility and massive scalability of the cloud to Hadoop users. The fully distributed metadata architecture, POSIX-compliant file system and high performance allow cloud users to build homogeneous clusters that scale up and down easily, ingest data into the cluster using standard interfaces and get the best ROI from ephemeral instances.


Microsoft Azure

MapR is available in the Azure Marketplace to simplify and expedite deploying MapR on Azure infrastructure. Customers can deploy MapR with one click and then license their cluster using a 'bring your own license model'. MapR also offers an Azure Fast Start for customers to try our MapR on Azure free of charge.

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Amazon Web Services

All three editions of MapR are available on Amazon Web Services through multiple deployment options, including the Elastic MapReduce service. MapR is the only commercial distribution that is available through the EMR service. Customers also have the option to deploy MapR by using the MapR offerings in the AWS Marketplace to take advantage of integrated usage based billing, or using a 'bring your own license model' onto AWS EC2 instances. MapR also offers an AWS Test Drive for customers to try out MapR on AWS free of charge.

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Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine and MapR enable you to quickly provision Hadoop clusters on demand and benefit from the flexibility, agility and scalability of a cloud-based Hadoop solution.

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Canonical, the leading provider of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, partners with MapR to uniquely package Hadoop as part of the standard Ubuntu distribution meant for OpenStack cloud instances.


CenturyLink’s Blueprint for MapR Converged Data Platform, joint customers can quickly and easily deploy a cloud configuration leveraging Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies for managing, analyzing and acting on data in real-time.

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