MapR Auto-Provisioning Templates help you accelerate the provisioning and deployment of big data solutions based on the MapR Converged Data Platform. This module applies software-defined concepts to give you appliance-like convenience along with the flexibility and choice of hardware to build a custom, optimal, enterprise-grade data platform.

The Auto-Provisioning Templates are included in the MapR Platform, so you automatically get them when you download MapR. This module consists of the MapR Installer and configuration templates to provision a cluster suited to your planned workloads. Templates include configurations for data lakes, data exploration environments, and operational analytics.

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Auto-Provisioning Templates Simplify Your Big Data Deployment


Appliance-Like Convenience for Getting Started

The Auto-Provisioning Templates simplify the effort to getting started with a big data environment. They remove the complexity of optimizing the distribution of Hadoop services across your cluster through its auto-layout feature. They also provide optimal configurations that align with common workload requirements including:

  • Data Lake – deploys most common services used in Apache Hadoop
  • Data Exploration – deploys services for schema-free interactive SQL exploration of data, and includes Apache Drill
  • Operational Analytics – deploys Hadoop with MapR-DB, the in-Hadoop NoSQL database, enabling both operational HBase applications and analytical applications in a single cluster

Hardware Flexibility

The Auto-Provisioning Templates are not tied to any hardware vendors, so they give you the freedom of choice to leverage any hardware that can run Hadoop. This lets you retain your corporate standard for hardware when deploying a big data solution. This also lets you to build clusters of heterogeneous servers so that different CPU/memory/disk configurations can be deployed in the same cluster to handle different workloads (especially when leveraging the unique job/data placement controls in MapR).

The freedom to choose your own hardware also lets you scale in smaller, incremental steps at the node level, rather than at the rack-level increments, so that you can be more efficient with hardware expenditures as your data and user load grows.

Built-in Optimizations

The Auto-Provisioning Templates include automated tasks that optimize your deployment. You get optimized rack deployment in your data center to avoid over-engineering with redundant hardware. You get the optimal high availability configuration with rack awareness. And you get health checks that ensure your servers will perform optimally after installation.