Apache Drill enables self-service data exploration on big data with a schema-free SQL query engine

Apache Drill is an open source, low-latency query engine for big data that delivers secure and interactive SQL analytics at petabyte scale. With the ability to discover schemas on-the-fly, Drill is a pioneer in delivering self-service data exploration capabilities on data stored in multiple formats in files or NoSQL databases. Drill is fully ANSI SQL compliant and integrates seamlessly with visualization tools.

Key Features

  • Schema discovery on-the-fly: Apache Drill can discover schemas on-the-fly and enable immediate exploration of data stored in MapR across a variety of data formats and sources.
  • ANSI SQL Support: Apache Drill is fully ANSI SQL compliant and integrates seamlessly with existing BI and visualization tools.
  • Low latency at scale: Apache Drill can support thousands of users across thousands of nodes running queries on data that is in the terabyte and petabyte range.

Use Cases

  • Raw Data Exploration: As a business analyst or SQL specialist you can instantly query data in any format or source the moment it lands in MapR and be more agile, without waiting for weeks or months for your IT team to develop the required schema. Goodgame Studios utilizes Apache Drill for data exploration on new data that is being continuously generated with rapidly evolving schemas.
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  • Reporting and Ad-hoc Querying on a Data Lake: As an architect you can enable business analysts to develop ad-hoc queries and reports on data being moved from a data warehouse as well as new data being stored in a data lake or data hub. This can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Harte Hanks utilizes Apache Drill on the MapR platform to gain immediate insights from new digital sources of data including survey data and social media.
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  • JSON Analytics: You can use SQL to natively query and manipulate semi-structured JSON data originating from NoSQL applications such as web/mobile and sensor-equipped Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
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