MapR Technology Partners

Leading technology companies (e.g. ISVs, IHVs) have integrated their products with the MapR platform in order to provide a wide variety of high-value, differentiated solutions.

The MapR platform delivers the complete set of public Apache Hadoop APIs, making integration with partner products quick and seamless. In addition, MapR supports other industry-standard interfaces like true read-write NFS and ODBC. These capabilities enable integration with partner products and customer-developed applications in ways not possible with other Hadoop distributions.

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Technology Partner Benefits

  • Best-of-Breed Hadoop: Align your offering with the top-rated, most widely deployed enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution.
  • Complimentary Solutions: The MapR distribution provides reliability, high performance, and ease-of-use, dramatically improving your solution offering and its value to customers.
  • Easily Certify Your Compatibility: Take advantage of our sandbox so that you can easily and quickly self-certify. Once part of our Advantage Partner program, just submit your solution to the App Gallery for self-certification.
  • Market Exposure: Broaden your reach to big data customers by adding your certified solution to the App Gallery and integrating it with the MapR Sandbox.