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Waterline Data Inventory builds a complete inventory of your data assets in Hadoop, automatically and securely, and lets enterprise users find, understand, and help govern Hadoop data.

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Waterline Data: Data Governance for the Real-Time Data Lake



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Waterline Data was founded in December 2013, and is backed by Menlo Ventures and Sigma West.

Companies that want to open up Hadoop across business units for strategic value creation are creating a data lake to drive business transformation. It's easy to get data into Hadoop, but it's not easy to get the right data out of Hadoop to extract business value while staying in compliance. To do so, data architects must be able to quickly catalog data assets, business users must be able to quickly find and understand the data they need, and data governance policies must be adhered to throughout the process.

The inspiration for the name "Waterline" came from the water metaphor of the Big Data lake. The idea behind "Waterline" is that data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts should be able to find the best suited and most trusted data without extensive coding and manual exploration - in other words without having "to dive for it;" they should be able to "Hadoop above the waterline."

Waterline Data automates the inventory of data assets in the lake, enables business users to find and understand the data through self-service, and enables data governance. Waterline Data accelerates going from raw data ingestion to extracting business value from data in Hadoop, while enabling data governance.