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Tableau and MapR: Power the Virtuous Cycle of Visual Analytics


Enterprise-Ready Big Data Analytics from MapR and Tableau

Big Answers to Big Data Questions

Today’s business users are no longer willing to participate in prolonged, repetitive development cycles. Technology that allows iterative, self- service analysis is now here: MapR and Tableau link seamlessly together, enabling you to view and analyze massive and complex datasets across the organization.

Fast Visualizations with a Robust Data Platform

Enterprise-ready big data analytics requires a scalable, integrated architecture that combines fast, intuitive visualizations with a reliable, robust and highly- available data platform. The MapR Distribution for ApacheTM Hadoop® serves as a cost-effective Enterprise Data Hub upon which Tableau inquiries may be quickly and seamlessly performed. Embedded Hadoop components such as Apache DrillTM enable rapid self-service queries as soon as data enters the cluster, without the need for upfront modeling or ETL. ODBC drivers shipped by MapR for Apache HiveTM and Impala allow Tableau to consume and analyze data distributed across multiple storage platforms.