Lucidworks: Exploit the Tsunami of Log Data



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LucidWorks Search is the industry-leading offering of Apache Lucene/Solr for commercial grade applications.

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Lucidworks and MapR: Exploit the Tsunami of Log Data


Security Event Analysis

IT security groups are looking for solutions that can analyze a variety of data sources to prevent and detect both internal and external security breaches. The MapR Distribution including MapR Search, provides a cost-effective and flexible platform for storage, analytics, and search on log data. Lucidworks SiLK simplifies log-aggregation and provides a feature-rich UI that gives you valuable insights from log data.

Search-based applications index and correlate log data and can analyze historical and real-time events from a variety of log files.

Delivering Relevant Insights from an Enterprise Data Hub with Search

Enterprise Data Hubs (EDHs) are becoming more prevalent as a way to store, process, and integrate large volumes of data from log files, social media, enterprise applications, and other sources. The benefits of an EDH include the ability to free up processing and storage in the traditional storage and analytical system as well as the ability to perform analytics on large data volumes. Search-based applications index and correlate data in an EDH, provide users with the ability to find information easily and quickly, and answer their questions immediately.

The MapR Distribution, along with Lucidworks Search, provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for users wanting to get insights from the data stored in an EDH.