Invosystems Solutions Pte Ltd

InvoSystems provides software products, consulting, design, solutions and implementation services to partners and customers in South-East Asia, Hong Kong and Australia.

Invosystems provides complete stack of Information Management services covering DCT Infrastructure, Servers, Storage, Network, Virtualization, Network & Application Security, Applications, Software Development and Desktop Management

InvoSystems provides Big Data services related to consulting, design, Industry Use Cases, Business Insights, POC, HDFS Cluster Map/Reduce programming, Database Setup & Data Migration, Real-time Insights, Predictive Analytics, and BI/Analytics. InvoSystems provides onsite deployments of technical and business teams to undertake SOW based services fulfillment.

InvoSystems has domain expertise in Telecom, Banking, Government, Power, Oil & Gas and Retail, to help customers to solve business problems and achieve business goals.