DataXylo is an agile, integrated predictive analytics platform on top of a rapid MDM with data discovery, unification & cleansing capability, for business & technologist.

DataXylo is a cloud based predictive analytics platform with advance data management (MDM), Unification, discovery and cleansing capability. This combined functionality enables marketers, strategist and technologist, access to central customer data platform across business silos and also have the Social graphics big data & third party information of the same customer.

DataXylo creates exciting customer experience & higher revenue by offering more accurate customer profiles in real time & better predictive targeting with better customer segmentation & 360 views to optimize customer engagement, increase repeat purchases and creates more profitable relationships by growing customer lifetime value across channels.

This combined functionality enables markers to fully understand each customer and map there signals well to send the most effective marketing messages, while the business users have an integrated business intelligence and predictive analytics and technologist have reduced work load on data preparation, while maintaining a common pool of information and repository of data & analytics assets.