Datameer: Self-service Analytics Built Upon an Enterprise-class Big Data Platform



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Datameer is the only end-to-end data analytics platform for Hadoop designed to simplify big data for everyone.

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Analyze, Visualize, Monetize

Big data analytics provides opportunities to discover deeper, more complete business insights through the analysis and visualization of significant volumes of rapidly changing structured and unstructured data. Fulfilling the promise of big data discovery for business advantage clearly necessitated a fresh and innovative approach to optimizing enterprise architecture for big data—enter Datameer and MapR.

Find the Signal in the Big Data Noise

Datameer dramatically reduces the complexity required to integrate data from disparate sources, quickly analyze the results and present the outcomes in rich, graphical visuals that can be refreshed on-the-fly. With the MapR Distribution including Hadoop at its core, Datameer transcends the historic limitations of ETL and static schemas to enable business users to integrate data from any source into Hadoop. Pre-built data connectors for all common data sources means that data integration is an easy, three-step process of where, what and when.