Experience how precisely Dataguise with MapR detects and protects sensitive information in real time wherever it lives and moves across your enterprise and the cloud. DgSecure will secure your business with a quick-and-easy evaluation environment.

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Dataguise helps MapR users safely unlock the benefits of big data with a precise data-centric security solution that detects, audits, protects, and monitors sensitive data assets in near real time, wherever the data may reside and as it moves across repositories. Dataguise DgSecure for Hadoop makes data security pain-free, delivering the leading one-stop, out-of-the-box solution with the highest level of protection – no customer programming required. We’re passionately focused on securing your data in Hadoop and offering best-in-class detection and protection capabilities as the Hadoop ecosystem evolves. We’re proud to secure the data of some of the largest, industry leaders that are leveraging the flexibility and scale offered by the MapR platform.

Key Customer Benefits of using Dataguise DgSecure for Hadoop with MapR Hadoop technologies include:

  • Dataguise adds a precise sensitive data “lens” to pinpoint where your sensitive data resides in enterprise data sets on MapR even in hard-to-profile semi-structured or unstructured data sets.
  • Dataguise complements and enhances data governance capabilities in MapR by exposing the knowledge of where sensitive data resides within your data lake
  • DgSecure takes full advantage of the enterprise–grade features including high availability, disaster recovery, resiliency, and scale offered by MapR, to detect, protect, and monitor your sensitive data in MapR.
  • DgSecure can work on data at rest in MapR, data while it is being ingested into MapR or while in use after ingestion into MapR.
  • DgSecure enables our customer to harness MapR’s Hadoop capabilities by adding element-level protection via a variety of enterprise-grade highly performant masking or encryption techniques for their sensitive data..

Dataguise enables our customers to perform Hadoop data consolidation and breach risk management by using our protection capabilities in conjunction with analytics tools and frameworks including HIVE, SAS, and other analytic frameworks. Using Dataguise DgSecure combined with MapR, enterprises can safely unlock and extract value from their investments in MapR platform that is built from the ground up for business-critical production applications by enabling information to be shared and managed responsibly and with fine grained security.