Brillio is bringing the future of technology consulting to the market by helping our clients apply technology to pressing business issues. Our clients require new ideas and technology innovations that will help them meet the pressures of improving customer engagement to drive top line growth. However, they also need a partner that can provide the efficiencies and cost conscious services that contribute to bottom line savings. At Brillio we combine these two requirements into a differentiated approach that is helping our clients to become more competitive in their respective industries. Specifically, Brillio helps our clients through proven methodologies around these following three criteria:

• Innovation for Growth: Vertical-specific solutions for Utilities, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods, and Financial Services that drive new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers.

• Enterprise Agility: Help clients bring customer facing applications to the market faster to lead the competition

• Business Efficiency: Assist clients with application modernization by leveraging emerging technologies like cloud, mobility and analytics

Brillio's competitive positioning is inherent in our depth of domain understanding in the industries we serve. We focus on applying technology to specific business issues our clients face, not building technology in search of a problem. Our team of innovative technologist are well versed in how business and IT merge to create competitive advantage. That is how we help our clients and differentiate ourselves in the market.