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Appfluent provides IT organizations with unprecedented visibility into their Big Data systems to reduce costs.

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Jump-Start the Offload to Hadoop

With MapR and Appfluent, customers can reduce the burden on their data warehouse while also maintaining the performance, scalability, and reliability they expect from their enterprise deployments.

When developing a data warehouse optimization strategy, organizations must identify which data and processes to offload. The challenge is how to identify that correct set of data and the associated analytics. Without a definitive answer, this challenge becomes a major inhibitor of optimization initiatives. Appfluent analyzes an organization’s data warehouse usage to identify the appropriate data and processes quickly and efficiently.

Optimize and Harness the Power of Your Big Data

Once the candidate data and processes are identified, organizations move them to a complementary platform such as Hadoop. Organizations already depend on Hadoop to uncover new meaning, relationships, and competitive advantage in growing volumes of data. Organizations can apply those advanced analytics on data that is otherwise inefficiently burdening their high-end data warehouses. Hadoop boosts efficiency and lowers the cost of business intelligence and data warehouse systems. Offloading resource-intensive processes and under-utilized or unused data to Hadoop clusters can reduce data warehouse costs up to 90 percent.