ABDA Technology & Services

At ABDA, we’re experts in big data and analytics. We know which data sets to combine and which analytic techniques to apply, to reveal new insights for your business. When we look at influencing and predicting outcomes, ABDA’s capabilities stand out from our competitors. We stand out because we don’t stop at the ability to ingest information, manage information, and analyze it. We build repeatable capabilities at the level of functional intelligence and then translate those functional capabilities into industry-specific solutions.

We can handle any type of data, regardless of source, combine it with the expertise to make the data useful, leveraging repeatable solutions – all with a continuing focus on how this will transform your business and get you to the outcomes you need.

As you address new sources of data from machine sensors, telematics, smart grids, mobile devices, social media or data streams, organizations are looking for a better way to service and retain their customers, create new markets, monetize data assets, mitigate risk and meet regulatory requirements. ABDA’s Big Data and Analytics Services provide consulting, implementation and as-a-service solutions through our Horizontal Offerings & Industry Specific Solutions to clients across industries to gain new insights not available in the past.