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Welcome! Do you have a Big Data app that you want to showcase? Please give us information about your app here and submit it to us. Once we've verified a few things and your app is approved, we will post the app in our App Gallery. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required. Click here to learn more about the app submission process.

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When a user encounters difficulty with your application - either while installing or using, how do they get support? This section should describe support model - community-based or provided by your company’s support team, and how users can get help. Include all applicable links.
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Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
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Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
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Which version(s) of your application have you verified works with MapR?
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There are a lot of ways to integrate into Hadoop, so there is often a considerable amount of confusion about exactly how a particular application integrates with a Hadoop distribution like MapR. An application may integrate with MapR by submitting MapReduce jobs, it may interact with HDFS APIs, NFS APIs, or even through a SQL layer like Hive, Drill, Spark or Impala. Use this section to describe how your application interacts with MapR, and list any dependencies it may have. Please list your dependencies in the format below: Component | Version | Connection Method ... example: MapR Distribution 3.0+ | HDFS | API
Source Repository:
Is the source for your application listed on Github, or some other public code repository? If so, give us the link to the repo.
Installation, Verification, and Use Instructions:
Users require detailed instructions on how to install your application. Don’t assume users are experts in system administration or Hadoop. Provide step by step instructions that get users from clicking download to getting up and running. Acceptable formats are HTML markup or text. If this is thoroughly documented on another web site, you may provide a link.
How does a user know if the installation was successful? Provide some easy steps to verify that your application was successfully integrated with MapR.
Once users get your application installed, how do they get value from it? Provide users walkthroughs guiding them through various tasks in your application to get them started. If this is thoroughly documented on your web site, you may provide a link.
Sandbox Information:
Sandboxes are optional, but are an incredibly convenient way of allowing users to quickly and easily try out your application before deploying it on a live cluster. Simply download the latest MapR sandbox from, install and configure your application on top, and provide a link to the new machine image.
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