MapR Converge Partners is a comprehensive global program designed to meet the critical needs and interests of companies that seek to become consulting, software, platform, OEM, or Distribution Partners for MapR. The program helps to strengthen MapR partnerships through the collaborative development of business objectives, value proposition, and technical value-add. It employs a proactive approach to business planning and revenue achievement. The program encompasses structured channel initiatives, such as MapR Partner “go-to-market” initiatives and development support.

MapR has developed a strong, high-quality ecosystem of 800+ Partners all over the globe to ensure the success of MapR customers worldwide.


MapR business Partners are organized around three main categories with three achievement levels.

The Converge Partner categories are:

  • Consulting Partners
  • Platform Partners
  • Software Partners

The Converge Partner achievement levels are:

  • Elite
  • Preferred
  • Affiliate


The MapR Consulting Partner Program category includes Consultants and Systems Integrators (SIs). These Partners provide consulting services and related implementation, integration, and training services to joint customers. Consultants may resell MapR licenses but services are the primary revenue driver.

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The MapR Platform Partner Program includes companies that are market leaders in providing products and technologies upon which MapR applications run. These strategic Partners optimize MapR solutions to maximize customers’ ROI.


ISV Partners
The MapR Software Partner Program is designed to address the needs of software and technology companies who wish to partner with MapR to bring to market complementary solutions that are integrated with MapR solutions. This program provides Partners with MapR software, support, training, and other Partner resources to effectively develop and sell their integrated solutions.

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OEM Partners
The MapR Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Program is designed for software companies and SaaS/ASP providers who wish to enhance or extend their solutions by leveraging MapR technology in their products and services. OEM partners have the option of bundling or embedding MapR software in their solutions and can benefit from our vast array of go-to-market support and services.

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The MapR Consulting Reseller Partner Program is designed for our Partners who want to resell all or part of the MapR product line as a component of their domain-, vertical-, or application-specific solutions and professional services. All MapR Partners are eligible to add the option to resell MapR products.

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For Asia, Europe, and Latin America regions, MapR offers a Distributor Partner Program that allows distributors to market, distribute, sublicense, and support some or all MapR products. Distributors help MapR to expand its market reach in remote geographies where the potential for MapR growth is significant.


MapR Converge Partners provides achievement levels within each of the three Partner categories. The Partner program uses a three-tier system, providing Partners with opportunities to achieve higher levels of partnership by meeting specified program requirements in a specific time frame. The required time varies within each partner category. Benefits vary depending on the partner achievement level. The partnership investments are aligned to programs and market opportunities:

  • Elite - The Elite level is the highest achievement level within the program. An Elite Partner demonstrates a proven track record with MapR, a very high degree of business synergy, and has significant presence in multiple geographies. Elite Partners are global leaders in providing industry standards and have worldwide coverage. Partners at this level are assigned a named account manager with executive involvement, and enjoy a substantial commitment from MapR. Partnership at this level is by invitation only.

  • Preferred - Preferred level Partners provide industry-leading solutions to customers, and are committed to doing significant business with MapR. Partners at this level are established Partners with regional practices and have mature industry value-add and solution sets. Partner requirements are higher than the requirements at the Affiliate level.

  • Affiliate - The Affiliate level enables new Partners to begin their partnership with MapR and enables existing Partners to further develop their MapR business and demonstrate industry expertise. Partners at this level are required to meet minimum program guidelines to establish a relationship with MapR.


Companies considering a partnership with MapR should review the MapR Global Partner Program Guide and complete the application process at:
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The MapR Partner Program team will review a prospective Partner’s application and respond via email within 5-7 business days as to whether the Partner has been accepted into the MapR Converge Partners or additional information is required. Following full execution of the applicable contracts and payment of the program fees, the Partner will be eligible to receive the corresponding benefits for its Partner category and Partner achievement level.