Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark for the MapR Converged Data Platform

  • Try the award-winning MapR Converged Data Platform.
  • Get started with Apache Spark.
  • MapR auto-provisioning templates makes getting started with big data on your own cluster as easy as 1-2-3.

Download MapR

Download You can download and install MapR on your server easily and quickly with our GUI installer. The Community Edition is free, and the Enterprise Edition comes with a 30-day trial license.

MapR Sandbox

Download Sandbox The MapR Sandbox is a self-contained VM along with tutorials and demo applications that lets you get started quickly with Hadoop and Spark.

MapR in the Cloud

Deploy in the Cloud Don't have servers? MapR can easily be deployed on Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services as well as on CenturyLink.

Apache Drill

Be a data ninja in no time with the industry's first schema-free SQL engine.

Apache Drill on MapR

Download Install Drill on your MapR Cluster.

Apache Drill Sandbox

Download Sandbox The MapR Sandbox for Drill is a self-contained VM that provides you with a quick introduction to the Drill software within a Hadoop virtual environment.

Apache Drill Test Drive

Test Drive on AWS Try out MapR on AWS with a Test Drive featuring Apache Drill.

Fast Start on Azure Try out MapR on Microsoft Azure featuring Apache Drill.

MapR-DB JSON Document Database and the
Open JSON Application Interface (OJAI™) API

  • Get hands-on experience with the enterprise-grade, high performance NoSQL database management system.
  • Download the MapR Converged Data Platform, which includes the MapR-DB JSON document database.
  • Quickly write JSON-based applications using the new open source OJAI API.
  • Get a feel for how an in-Hadoop document database lets you build more powerful business applications.


Download MapR-DB is included in our free Community Edition.

MapR-DB in the
MapR Sandbox

Download MapR Sandbox Try the new MapR-DB document database in a virtual machine.

Quick Start Solutions

Not sure where to start your big data journey? Relax, we’ve created a set of purpose-built solutions for the most common and valuable use cases: security analytics, data exploration, data warehouse optimization, recommendation engines, and more.


Quick Start Solutions

Start now MapR Quick Start Solutions are a set of purpose-built solutions for the most critical and valuable use cases for Hadoop.