Apache Drill

Apache Drill, the Industry’s first schema-free SQL query engine for big data, is available and fully supported as part of MapR Hadoop distribution. To learn more about Drill and getting started with it, refer to www.mapr.com/products/apache-drill.

What is the version support policy for Apache Drill on MapR?

MapR has pioneered the Apache Drill project and leads the community with numerous contributions in all core areas of the product in every Drill release. Our goal is to make sure the latest Apache Drill community releases are available to MapR customers with superior product quality and extreme ease of use so that it will just work in their MapR environment.

Keeping in mind the rapidly growing list of customers deploying Drill in production and to make sure we provide the most stable and quality releases to these customers, MapR categorizes Apache Drill community releases into 2 categories moving forward - Production Ready vs Developer Preview releases.

Production ready releases

MapR thoroughly tests these releases for new functionality, performance, scale, stress, longevity, backward compatibility and a variety of other dimensions to ensure the highest quality required for enterprise grade production deployments. For production ready releases, customers will get 24X7 support from MapR.

Developer preview releases

MapR performs basic validation testing on these releases and makes the packages available immediately following the corresponding Apache community release. Customers are welcome to try out the preview releases as part of their development environments to explore new features available but are not recommended to roll the release into production.

Where can I get the latest production-ready and developer preview releases of Drill?

You can get detailed installation information on both production ready and developer preview releases from http://maprdocs.mapr.com/home/#EcosystemRN/DrillRN.html

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