MapR Adds Apache Spark
MapR adds the complete Apache Spark stack to its distribution for Hadoop.

Apache Mahout Meetup
This meetup is for people interested in Apache Mahout machine learning libraries, or in machine learning in general. This meeting will focus on how the project is developing as it converges on 1.0 maturity.

MapR Expands Big Data Search with Elasticsearch
MapR announced the integration of Elasticsearch’s real-time search and analytics capability with the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, enabling customers to search and store tremendous amounts of information in real time.


Webinar: Hadoop in the Cloud
Unlocking the Potential of Big Data on AWS: Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) makes it easy to provision and manage the Amazon Distribution or the MapR Distribution for Hadoop in the AWS Cloud.
Video: Introduction to MapReduce
This video will give you an overview of MapReduce and about the MapReduce programming model.