Data Lake The Definitive Guide to the Data Lake

It would be an understatement to say that the hype surrounding the data lake is causing confusion in the industry.

Today’s newcomer to the data world vernacular – the “data lake” – is a term that has endured both the scrutiny of pundits who harp on the risk of digging a data swamp and, likewise, the vision of those who see the potential of the concept to have a profound impact on enterprise data architecture. As the data lake term begins to come off its hype cycle and face the pressures of pragmatic IT and business stakeholders, the demand for clear data lake definitions, use cases, and best practices continues to grow.

This paper aims to clarify the data lake concept by combining fundamental data and information management principles with the experiences of existing implementations to explain how current data architectures will transform into enterprise data operating systems. While the data lake is a metaphor for this transformation, enterprise data management will continue to evolve the data lake according to established principles, drivers, and best practices that will quickly emerge as hindsight is applied at companies.