sovrn operates a real-time online advertising bidding exchange with direct relationships to over 50,000 publishers and their websites. The company partners with independent online publishers to help them better engage their audiences and monetize their websites through programmatic advertising.

The company analyzes over a petabyte of data every day and uses that information to develop insights for publishers about website and traffic characteristics, audience segmentation, reader engagement levels, and monetization tactics. This helps publishers pinpoint the targeting of content to specific audience segments and drive more revenue.

Receiving over 30 billion ad requests a month, sovrn reaches over 650 million unique web and mobile visitors every month. This data volume continues to increase at a rapid pace as they add more publishers and partners to their network.

sovrn uses MapR as the data source of record and as a foundational component of its data architecture. The MapR platform provides high availability, stability and the capability for deep analytics that allow sovrn to deliver valuable insights to their clients.

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Jonathan Sharley, Team Lead, Data Operations
at Sovrn Presents at Big Data Everywhere


sovrn Uses MapR as Foundational Data Platform for Online Advertising Exchange
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