Macquarie Telecom Deploys MapR to Secure Australian Government Communications


Macquarie Telecom’s Government Division today secures telecommunications for 42% of government agencies in Australia. The company provides government employees with a secure Internet gateway, so they can safely access external public websites, downloads, and email services. As it is providing services to the government, Macquarie Telecom is by contract required to provide its clients with a specific level of service.

Macquarie Telecom monitors hundreds of systems providing logs and disparate data set in multiple formats–about a billion events every day.

“With the growing complexity of the digital threat landscape and the development of SaaS and cloud services, Macquarie Telecom must secure and analyse an exponentially growing amount of data, as well as predict increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks,” comments Paul Christensen, General Manager – Data Centre and Government Operations at Macquarie Telecom.

Macquarie will be collecting massive amounts of data and building the system they need to enhance the federal and state governments’ security through powerful data analytics and predictive security services, and through a platform available in the cloud. With a foundation built with MapR, Macquarie can enable the government to be more responsive and effective in terms of security.

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Macquarie Telecom Deploys MapR to Secure Australian Government Communications