American Express uses MapR to benefit Card Members and their business


American Express has a rich history of using data and analytics to create deeper relationships with potential and current customers, but it’s the advent of machine learning that has allowed their scientists to harness the full power of their data. American Express’ Risk & Information Management team in partnership with the company’s Technology group embarked on a journey to build world-class Big Data capabilities nearly five years ago. Big data analytics helps American Express drive commerce, service their customers more effectively and detect fraud, according to Chao Yuan, senior vice president and head of Decision Science for American Express.

Sastry Durvasula, senior vice president of Enterprise Information Management and Digital Partnerships for American Express explains that the American Express "big data ecosystem has been built leveraging Hadoop and other industry leading technologies, and supports all business units with multi-petabyte scale. The platform boasts best-in-class engineering metrics, which includes a 45 second TeraSort and a 1.65 TB MinuteSort. The platform is highly scalable with flexible architecture to meet the growing business demands."

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