NorCom Selects MapR as Underlying Technology for Big Data Ready Enterprise Collaboration Platform
Munich, Germany
MapR Technologies, Inc., the Hadoop technology leader, announced that NorCom, an innovative and highly respected German system developer, has selected the MapR Big Data platform as the core data and storage technology for its new Eagle document-based collaboration system.

Eagle enables enterprise-wide integration and document-based collaboration – even with external partners. The architecture of the system allows for a fully scalable Big Data collaborative workspace. An efficient full-text search reduces the time needed to find content to milliseconds. Furthermore, Eagle offers an interactive timeline for each document, and supports collaboration via personal notifications and dashboards. Eagle offers certified security and its hybrid cloud model fits the security standards of global enterprises.

“In the past, NorCom would build platforms using SQL databases to deliver a similar workflow but although those are great for small workgroups, they do not scale well with larger volumes of unstructured data,” explains Zeljko Dodlek, Sales Director for MapR across the DACH region. “By combining MapR for the underlying data management and storage with ElasticSearch for full indexing and search, Eagle benefits from unparalleled speed; full HA, snapshots and replication features.”

The underlying MapR M7 Edition for Hadoop also allows duplicate data reduction through similarity analysis. Due to the NorCom security layer, the Eagle solution can also operate as a hybrid cloud anywhere in the data centers to further reduce costs. Data security is ensured through powerful 2 factor authentication and encryption with keys held exclusively by the customer.

Eagle is a cloud-based service that can scale to over a billion documents and in excess of 100,000 users with access to multiple petabytes of data storage.

“The continuously increasing amount of documents presents a growing challenge for businesses. Eagle easily overcomes these problems thanks to MapR’s Big Data platform,” Dr. René Brunner, Product Manager at NorCom IT AG, explains. “MapR has been a Hadoop expert from the very start. Additionally, we are impressed by the company’s agility and flexibility, which not only enables us to create ideas for our clients, but also to implement them quickly.”

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