MapR Technologies Distributes Enterprise-Grade Search with Hadoop Platform
San Jose, CA

MapR Technologies, Inc., the Hadoop technology leader, today announced the distribution of LucidWorks Search™ with the MapR Platform for Apache Hadoop. On a single platform customers can now perform predictive analytics, full search and discovery; and conduct advanced database operations. MapR also announced today the general availability of its new M7 Edition which combines unprecedented Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together in a single easy, dependable and fast platform.
The MapR enterprise-grade search capability works directly on Hadoop data but can also index and search standard files without having to perform any conversion or transformation. All search content and results are protected with enterprise-grade high availability and data protection, including snapshots and mirrors, enabling a full restore of search capabilities.
By integrating the search technology of the industry leader, LucidWorks, MapR and its customers benefit from the added value that LucidWorks Search delivers in the areas of security, connectivity and user management for Apache Lucene/Solr that users would otherwise have to develop from scratch using Solr alone. LucidWorks advanced services ensure customers derive the full benefits of their Big Data deployment.
"Integrating search capabilities into Hadoop is an important milestone for the industry and represents tremendous opportunity for customers to find new insight and derive value from Big Data," said Ben Woo, managing director, Neuralytix. "This is an enormous step forward especially in time-sensitive processes such as fraud detection where Big Data must be searched as it streams into the enterprise."
"Using search and Big Data isn't just about analyzing social media content and Web traffic," said Ted Dunning, chief application architect, MapR Technologies. "There is a wide array of new applications for combining fast Hadoop with real-time, ad hoc data accessibility to mine raw data and find useful patterns of behavior. With the MapR/LucidWorks solution, users gain a compelling alternative that is less time consuming and more unified without the need to convert, transfer or move data as required with other approaches."
"LucidWorks and MapR share a common vision for enterprise-grade enhancements users need on top of open source software for rapid development, deployment, ease of use and production quality," said Grant Ingersoll, LucidWorks CTO.
This product integration and bundling extends the MapR/LucidWorks relationship. In 2011, the companies formed a joint marketing agreement. In February, they deepened their relationship, releasing a connector between the companies' two products. Under the agreement announced today, MapR will deliver best-in-class search and Hadoop capabilities to customers.
MapR has the dependability, performance and ease of development and manageability that customers are looking for at a time when Hadoop is crossing over from early adopters to full production mode in their organizations. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use, and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform.
Integrated search and discovery on the MapR Big Data platform is currently in beta.

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