MapR CTO and Co-Founder to Speak at 2011 NoSQL Now! Conference
San Jose, CA

Session provides tips to make NoSQL solutions perform faster, more predictably
MapR Technologies Inc., announced today that CTO and Co-Founder, M.C. Srivas, will be co-presenting the session "Innovation in NoSQL Data Stores" at the NoSQL Now! Conference in San Jose, California.
The session will be of interest to those looking to address performance and predictability issues with NoSQL data stores. Distributed NoSQL databases attempt to provide scale, performance and low cost by supporting easy, horizontal scaling on low-cost commodity hardware. Many performance issues are due to software stacks whose design dates back 20 years. Mr. Srivas will discuss the latest innovations at the storage level that enable NoSQL solutions to perform faster and more reliably.
NoSQL Now! is a new conference covering the dynamic field of NoSQL technologies. The conference is intended to help organizations that need to find better, faster and cheaper solutions to manage their fast-growing databases and data stores. The educational program places an emphasis on the design and management needs of enterprise IT and big data applications.
Who: M.C. Srivas, CTO & Co-Founder, MapR Technologies
What: NoSQL Now! Conference Session, Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 11AM PT
Where: NoSQL Now! is taking place August 23-25 at the San Jose Convention Center

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