MapR CEO Sees Big Changes in Big Data in 2012
San Jose, CA

Big Data became a Big Deal for a growing number of organizations in 2011. Big Data is a term used to characterize applications that have such enormous datasets that they have exceeded the capabilities and capacities of traditional database management systems. These huge datasets—measured in terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, and zettabytes—must instead span large clusters of servers and storage arrays. Search engine companies were the first to face this situation, and the result is an open source solution called Hadoop. With commercial versions now affording greater reliability, scalability and other improvements, the range of Hadoop use cases is poised to expand.
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"The scale and impact of Big Data and Hadoop are changing the game as companies everywhere are mining Big Data for insight into every aspect of their business," said John Schroeder, CEO and cofounder, MapR Technologies. "Through the use of commercial versions of Hadoop, we are seeing unparalleled productivity, innovative business models and the tailoring of products and services to precisely meet customer demand. By utilizing information discovered from analyzing Big Data, tremendous hidden value and knowledge are unlocked, changing every aspect of business as we move into 2012."
John Schroeder predicts 2012 will feature five major developments in Big Data. These include:

  • Hadoop emerges as the safe platform choice for Big Data. The deployed footprint, complementary products, and available technical resources all reinforce the adoption of Hadoop.
  • Real-time analytics take-off. Analyzing streaming data from application logs to messages augments existing batch applications.
  • Hadoop applications move from experimental to mission critical. The number and breadth of deployed Hadoop applications also expands.
  • Consulting firms augment their offerings with Hadoop specific consulting services expanding the number of available services vendors. Organizations benefit from the large and growing education and consultancy services.
  • Big Data is no longer limited to companies that can 'roll their own' as the application ecosystem expands rapidly. In addition to the rapid expansion of Hadoop applications, 2012 sees the emergence of applications and services that leverage an underlying Hadoop engine.

*Note to Editors: John Schroeder, CEO and cofounder of MapR Technologies, is available for interviews to discuss trends in Big Data and Hadoop.

About MapR Technologies

About MapR Technologies

MapR enables organizations to create disruptive advantage and long-term value from their data with the industry’s only Converged Data Platform, which delivers distributed processing, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade requirements across cloud and on-premise environments–while leveraging the significant ongoing development in open source technologies including Spark and Hadoop. Organizations with the most demanding production needs, including sub-second response for fraud prevention, secure and highly available data-driven insights for better healthcare, petabyte analysis for threat detection, and integrated operational and analytic processing for improved customer experiences, run on MapR. A majority of customers achieves payback in fewer than 12 months and realizes greater than 5X ROI. MapR ensures customer success through world-class professional services and with free on-demand training that 50,000 developers, data analysts and administrators have used to close the big data skills gap. Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, Microsoft, SAP, and Teradata are part of the worldwide MapR partner ecosystem. Investors include Future Fund, Google Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, NEA, Qualcomm Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. Connect with MapR on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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