MapR CEO to Speak at Structure Data on Converged Data; Executives to Lead Sessions at Strata + Hadoop World
San Jose, CA

 MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry’s only converged data platform, today announced its CEO and Founder John Schroeder will lead a discussion on converged data at Structure Data 2016 on March 10 at 12:15 PM. In addition, MapR big data experts will present throughout the week at Strata + Hadoop World, held in San Jose, CA, from March 28-31, including a featured keynote from Senior Vice President, Data and Applications, Jack Norris. MapR is an Elite sponsor and will showcase its latest product offerings and host several technology sessions in booth #1009.

Structure Data 2016

Structure Data brings together top computer scientists, software executives and business users to discuss how advances in data technology are reshaping the world. The event will feature interviews with enterprise data decision-makers, as well as with the executives driving the world of big data software.

When: Thursday, March 10 at 12:15 PM

Where: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

What: John Schroder, CEO and founder at MapR, will lead the discussion, “Convergence: What's Next with Big Data” and discuss innovations in big data and the emergence of converged data. 

Strata + Hadoop World

Strata + Hadoop World brings together data scientists, analysts, and executives from innovative companies of all sizes to share deep knowledge around big data. Compelling data case studies, proven best practices, effective new analytic approaches, and core skills will give attendees insight around Hadoop use cases, data- driven business, data science and advanced analytics.

Details on MapR featured keynote and conference sessions:

When: Wednesday, March 30 at 9:25 AM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Jack Norris, senior vice president, data and applications at MapR, will give the keynote presentation “Let's get real: Acting on data in real time.” Jack will discuss the challenges of coordinating data flows, analysis, and integration at scale to truly impact business as it happens.

When: Wednesday, March 30 at 11:50 AM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Ted Dunning, chief application architect at MapR, will present, “Real-time Hadoop: What an Ideal Messaging System Should Bring to Hadoop.” In this session, Ted will dive into the architectural details and tradeoffs of both legacy and new messaging solutions to find the ideal messaging system for Hadoop.

When: Wednesday, March 30 at 4:20 PM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Ted Dunning, chief application architect at MapR, will present, “Just-in-Time Optimizing a Database,” and will walk attendees through Apache Drill, explaining potential use cases for the technology in Drill and why these extended capabilities matter to all big data practitioners.

When: Wednesday, March 30 at 5:10 PM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Ted Dunning, chief application architect at MapR, will present, “Streaming Architecture: Why flow Instead of State?” During this session, Ted will explore the key design techniques used in modern systems, including percolators, the big-data oscilloscope, replayable queues, state-point queuing, and universal micro-architectures.

When: Thursday, March 31 at 11:00 AM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Steve Wooledge, vice president of product marketing at MapR, will present, “High Frequency Decisioning” During this session, Steve will explain how new approaches enable you to deal with low latency decisions and also provide surprising flexibility for responding to changing conditions.

When: Thursday, March 31 at 4:20 PM
Where: Santa Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA
What: Jim Scott, director, enterprise strategy and architecture at MapR, will present “Scaling Your Business With a Messaging Platform on the Zeta Architecture,” and will highlight an example of data center monitoring to show how it works and the benefits of this model. Alternatives will also be discussed, including using a registry to track servers that are alive and taking requests, as well as any pros and cons that come along with these alternatives.

Additionally, MapR will present on Building and Deploying Predictive Models for Real-time IoT Solutions at Big Data for Executives and Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara, CA on March 8. MapR will also present at TDWI San Diego Chapter Meeting 2016

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Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., MapR provides the industry’s only Converged Data Platform that enables customers to harness the power of big data by combining analytics in real-time to operational applications to improve business outcomes. With MapR, enterprises have an unparalleled data management platform for undertaking digital transformation initiatives to achieve competitive edge. World-class companies have realized more than five times their return on investment using MapR. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP and other leading businesses are part of the global MapR partner ecosystem. For more information, visit

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