Invest in the MapR Converged Data Platform to deploy the broadest set of powerful big data applications.


Analytics and Operations on One Platform

MapR allows you to do more with big data including data storage and transformation, data exploration and analytics as well as light-weight OLTP transactions. MapR supports a wide variety of workloads with dynamic workload management, data placement control and multi-tenancy.

Mission-Critical Applications

Support mission-critical applications at 99.999% availability. Run a lights-out data center with self-healing of all critical services, data protection, disaster recovery, rolling upgrades as well as instant recovery of operational database applications.

Easy BI and Data Warehouse Integration

Leverage industry-standard interfaces such as NFS and ODBC to connect different data sources seamlessly. Create new business intelligence workflows that include the MapR Converged Data Platform while continuing to use existing scripts, applications and data transformation tools.


Enterprise Data Hub:

Best ROI

Supported by the world-record setting performance of the MapR Converged Data Platform, run your cluster at 2-5 times better performance than other big data platforms. Better hardware utilization provides you with the fastest ROI.

Proven Cloud Deployment

Deploy MapR in the cloud or in a hybrid-cloud setup with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine. MapR has proven advantages over other big data platforms in the cloud and is natively available on AWS.

No Vendor Lock-in

MapR delivers support for industry-standard interfaces like POSIX NFS to allow easy import/export of data, and full binary compatibility and support for open source standards such as the HDFS API and the Open JSON Application Interface (OJAI).

World-Class Support

MapR offers a full range of SLAs to match your business needs. The combination of world-class support engineering, thorough documentation and vibrant forums ensures smooth operations of your mission-critical applications.

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