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Deploying a Secure Mini MapR Cluster with Docker on a Single AWS Instance

If you want to try out the MapR Converged Data Platform to see its unique big data capabilities but don’t have a cluster of hardware immediately available, you still have a few other options. For example, you can spin up a MapR cluster in the cloud using multiple node instances on one of our IaaS partners (Amazon, Azure, etc.).

Connecting Pentaho Data Integration to MapR Using Apache Drill

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) provides the ETL capabilities that facilitate the process of capturing, cleansing, and storing data. Its uniform and consistent format makes it accessible and relevant to end-users and IoT technologies. Apache Drill is a schema-free SQL-on-Hadoop engine that lets you run SQL queries against different data sets with various formats, e.g. JSON, CSV, Parquet, HBase, etc.

Connecting to Apache Drill with Power BI (Part 3)

In my first post, I showed how you might quickly deploy a Drill-enabled cluster to the Azure cloud using the MapR template available in the Azure Marketplace. In my next post, I showed you how you might get that Drill-enabled cluster to query an Azure Storage account as well as an Azure SQL Database. In this post, I want to focus on using this cluster as a data source with Power BI, a data discovery tool that’s popular with users of Microsoft technologies.

Connecting a Drill-enabled MapR Cluster to Azure Resources (Part 2)

In my last post, I deployed a MapR cluster to the Azure cloud using the template available through the Azure Marketplace. My goal in doing this was to get a Drill-enabled cluster up and going in Azure as quickly as possible. My emphasis on Azure indicates that I am probably making use of the Microsoft cloud for a broader range of activities than just running this one cluster.

How to Build “Stanzas” Using MapR Installer for Easy and Efficient Provisioning

At MapR, we have set up multiple clusters for several of our enterprise customers, and we have brought that knowledge and best practices to MapR Installer. Increasingly, these deployments have not only grown in number, but have also evolved based on the type, purpose, and lifetime for these clusters.


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