Social Media Analysis with MapR and Splunk Hunk

When you have a high-performance Hadoop cluster there are a lot of very impactful things you can do with it.  As a platform for social media analytics, the MapR Distribution makes it easy not only to have a centralized data repository for data flowing in from many different sources, but also to use the platform as a basis for an advanced analytics platform like Splunk Hunk.

In this recent demo from Chad Smykay, Solutions Architect at MapR, you can see an example how indexing in Hunk can take advantage of integration with a MapR cluster, and how you can manage and observe cluster performance in the HadoopOps Splunk app.

One of the useful features highlighted in this demo is the ability to use standard file system commands like ‘ls’ and ‘tail’ in the MapR cluster. This can save you many hours of custom design and debugging. If you have any scripts that operate directly on files or expect standard file system semantics, they will “just work”.

Together, the MapR Distribution and Splunk Hunk deliver a high-performance, integrated solution for many different analytics use cases.

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