Snacks on a Plane - Reflecting on Big News in Big Data

I’m on a plane to London as I write this.  As usual, the plane is filled to capacity and coveted snack items are scarce.  The airlines must know something about passenger consumption behavior … or do they?  Accessing multiple pieces of data and analyzing the information in every imaginative way for an actionable result is what is driving Apache Hadoop technology.  MapR is helping companies take advantage of that.

This morning we announced record growth and continued momentum for MapR. Our bookings tripled over the same period last year with around 90% of sales coming from subscription-based product licenses.

What’s really notable about this traction is the enthusiasm from customers about how they use MapR. Hadoop has moved beyond the “experimental” stage and our customers are quickly realizing the benefits they can achieve with a production-ready distribution. The proof is not only on the profitability impact (both from revenue and cost impacts) but from the breadth of applications within individual companies.

Customer highlights from our news today include:

  • An enterprise customer reported that it has generated more than one billion dollars of incremental revenue from the use of MapR technology. This is a company that is definitely post-experimental in their use of Hadoop, but they are not alone
  • At least one company in each of the following industries has purchased over a million dollars of MapR product—financial services, networking/computers, software, online/web, ad media, telecom and market research.

There are over 500+ customers using MapR as an enterprise-grade platform for Hadoop today to maximize efficiencies in their operational and analytic environments.

More to share, but for now I will enjoy my bag of peanuts.   


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