Our Latest Updates for the Apache Open Source Projects

Our latest product updates are now out, with some interesting new features on Hue and Pig. This month’s release includes updates for Hue, Oozie, Spark and Pig. Here are the highlights of the release:

Hue 3.7 updates: There are major feature introductions done in Hue 3.7. Hive, Impala and Pig all have new editors along with a browser for HBase. The MapR team has also made sure that MapR-DB, the enterprise-grade, in-Hadoop NoSQL database (with HBase APIs) also has browser access through the same HBase interface on Hue. Here are some screen shots of how that works.  

  1. You can view MapR-DB tables in the HBase Browser.

HBase Browser

b. You can create and process a Mapr-DB table the same way as a HBase table, via the HBase Browser. You just have to specify the whole path to the table and table name by filling out the "Table Name" field.

HBase Browser table

Updates on the other projects include:

Inclusion of Spark 1.2.1, which is primarily a maintenance release across the different packages, including Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, MLlib, PySpark and Spark Core.

Pig 0.14 - Release includes Pig on Tez, OrcStorage and loader predicate push down, among other changes. With reference to HBase versions, Pig 0.14 requires HBase 0.98. Previous versions of HBase continue to be supported for Pig 0.13 and Pig 0.12 with MapR.  

For more information on individual releases, please refer to the release notes.

Packages are available on:  http://package.mapr.com/releases/ecosystem/ and http://package.mapr.com/releases/ecosystem-4.x/

Refer to our release notes for more details. The certification matrix is: http://doc.mapr.com/display/MapR/Ecosystem+Support+Matrix


Version: 0.13

URL: https://github.com/mapr/pig

Tag: 0.13-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Pig+0.13.0-1502+Release+Notes

Version: 0.14

URL: https://github.com/mapr/pig

Tag: 0.14-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Pig+0.14.0-1502+Release+Notes


Version: 4.0.1

URL: https://github.com/mapr/oozie

Tag: 4.0.1-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Oozie+4.0.1-1502+Release+Notes

Version: 4.1.0

URL: https://github.com/mapr/oozie

Tag: 4.1.0-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Oozie+4.1.0-1502+Release+Notes


Version: 1.2.1

URL: https://github.com/mapr/spark

Tag: 1.2.1-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Spark+and+Spark+on+YARN+1.2.1-1502+Release+Notes


Version: 3.7.0

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hue

Tag: 3.7.0-mapr-1502

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hue+3.7.0-1502+Release+Notes


Streaming Data Architecture:

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