The Next Generation Distribution for Apache Hadoop

Today is a big day for MapR Technologies. We are coming out of stealth mode to talk about the innovations that we’ve developed for Apache Hadoop. These innovations build upon the great work already completed by the Apache Hadoop community. The community is also being enriched by a growing number of companies that are building out the complete technology stack and services to further Hadoop market adoption.

MapR has been heads down for two years executing a well funded, customer driven and aggressive engineering project. The results of that project result in a distribution making it easier to build, deploy and manage Hadoop applications, transform Hadoop into a reliable and dependable compute and storage platform and drastically improve performance. We have a significant number of customers happily running MapR, and we will be rolling out MapR to our large pipeline of customers over the next two quarters.

The timing of our announcement is driven by our partnership with EMC. Today we announced our OEM relationship with EMC. MapR will be the foundation of their Greenplum Hadoop Enterprise Edition. Two weeks ago, I appeared on stage with EMC as part of their Hadoop press briefing at EMC World where 10,000 people have gathered to hear about Big Data and the Cloud and support EMC’s Hadoop announcements. We were excited to be at the center of one of the industry’s largest user group conferences focusing on Big Data. We’re also excited about the EMC partnership that will bring our next generation Hadoop distribution, combined with EMC’s world class support, to customers around the world.

This announcement is the culmination of months of research by EMC. Scott Yara and Luke Lonergan, co-founders of GreenPlum and the key strategists behind EMC’s Big Data Analytics, identified key requirements for their Hadoop distribution around dependability, performance, and ease of use. EMC spent months analyzing the market, listening to customers, and meeting with vendors and they chose MapR as leading technology for the EMC Enterprise HD Edition. We’re currently in beta so stay tuned for our detailed product announcement soon. We hope to see you at the Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara on June 29th. If you can’t wait until then, feel free to register to receive MapR early.

Thanks to all of early customers and beta testers that have given us great feedback and insights that helped in our development of the MapR distribution for Apache Hadoop.

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