MapR is the Only Apache Hadoop Distribution Available on Google Cloud Platform

MapR was proud to participate in the Developer Sandbox at Google I/O, Google’s exclusive annual developer conference held in San Francisco last week. The conference featured speakers from various industries as well as code labs and developer demos.

One of the major announcements at Google I/O was the general availability of the Google Cloud Platform, Google’s scalable infrastructure for Big Data analytics. Attendees were particularly interested in the updated Google Compute Engine, Google’s solution for workload processing in the Google Cloud Platform. The updated version of the Compute Engine includes Google Cloud Datastore, a new and fully-managed schemaless database for non-relational data. The standalone service offers automatic scalability, ACID transactions, robust queries, and indexes. The Compute Engine is now available for open signups at

The Developer Sandbox featured over 100 innovators who have built applications based on Google I/O-featured technologies. We participated in the Developer Sandbox with RAPP, a digital marketing agency (and one of our customers) that helps clients create marketing services and products across areas such as analytics, CRM, digital marketing and technology. RAPP is using the Google Compute Engine and MapR’s distribution for Apache Hadoop to provide various levels of data analysis for their clients. I was on hand at the Sandbox to discuss our technology and demonstrate how MapR’s distribution for Hadoop can help customers leverage the Google Cloud Platform.

MapR is the only Apache Hadoop distribution available on the Google Compute Engine. The combination of Google Compute Engine and MapR’s enterprise-grade distribution for Hadoop gives customers the ability to quickly provision large MapR clusters on demand. In short, customers can process a lot more data in a lot less time, and this ability will have a major impact on their work.


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