MapR Delivers Groundbreaking NoSQL Database on Hadoop and Integrates Search into our Big Data Platform

Expanding Big Data solutions to yet another level, MapR made two announcements today: MapR M7, which provides an enterprise-grade NoSQL and Hadoop solution to our customers, is now available; and LucidWorks Search will be distributed with the MapR Big Data Platform for Apache Hadoop, including with the new MapR M7 Edition.

M7 Now Available

The MapR M7 Edition is architected from the ground up to deliver reliability and performance without requiring compactions or background consistency checks to work smoothly. M7 delivers over one million operations/sec with a ten-node cluster and provides dramatic scalability advantages with support for up to one trillion tables across thousands of nodes.

M7 also provides instant recovery from failures, ensuring 99.999% availability for HBase and Hadoop applications. With M7, there are no region servers, additional processes, or any redundant layer between the application and the data residing in the cluster. M7's zero-administration approach includes automatic region splits and self-tuning with no downtime required for any operation, including schema changes. Read more.

Integrated Search Provides Real-time Analytics

LucidWorks and MapR are integrating LucidWorks Search™ with the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, including M7, to deliver a single platform for predictive analytics, full search and discovery, and advanced database operations.

MapR provides customers with specific advantages over other Hadoop distributions when it comes to search including: NFS for streaming writes for search; data modeling with snapshots; storing and indexing data directly on the MapR Distribution for Hadoop; and integrating enterprise search into the distribution. Read more.

InformationWeek, PCWorld and ZDNet provided their insights on our news today.


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