MapR + CenturyLink Technology Solutions: Partnering to Address Enterprise-scale Big Data Requirements

When enterprise big data projects are successful, they can transform everything from operational efficiencies and product development to customer interactions and management processes. To help organizations glean the most value from their big data initiatives, CenturyLink Technology Solutions (formerly Savvis) recently announced a full suite of big data managed services, including MapR hosting and management. As the solution lead for Savvis’ big data practice, I’d like to briefly share some perspectives about why our new partnership with MapR makes so much sense for enterprises.

The big data domain is going through a fundamental transformation. With many organizations moving from pilot to production Hadoop deployments, and with the scope and scalability of Hadoop expanding (e.g., supporting a broader variety of data and processing models), Hadoop is rapidly becoming a strategic enterprise data hub. As enterprise IT planners review the new big data opportunities, many are considering simplifying their deployments by leveraging enterprise-class hosted and managed infrastructure services, rather than relying exclusively on on-premises big data deployments. That’s where Savvis comes in.

Savvis has a long track record of addressing global enterprise-scale services for a variety of domains including commercial Web sites and database as a service. As we spoke with customers about applying our managed services expertise, 55 global data centers, and enterprise-class network to the big data realm, we realized how important it would be to partner with Hadoop software vendors that share our focus on enterprise-grade requirements.

We’re delighted to be partnering with MapR for several reasons:

  • MapR shares Savvis’ commitment to addressing the most demanding requirements by “delivering on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses.” With MapR’s big data platform, our customers are assured we can easily and reliably scale to handle ever-expanding data sets and use cases.
  • MapR and Savvis are focused on many of the same markets (such as financial services and retail) and, in fact, already engage with many the leading global enterprises in these domains. As more businesses simplify management of their MapR-based initiatives by leveraging Savvis’ big data managed services, MapR and Savvis will make it possible for them to increase focus on big data analytics and custom applications that will drive real business change.
  • MapR has effectively balanced software innovation and open source community leadership, both of which are critical in this market. Its underlying distributed file system addresses the full spectrum of enterprise requirements while also supporting HDFS APIs, for example, and MapR is also a key participant in the Apache Software Foundation Hadoop community.
  • MapR is focused on operating as an enterprise independent software vendor (ISV), a model that’s consistent with Savvis’ customer expectations. We believe MapR has a strong business strategy, and that it will continue to be a leading enterprise big data platform innovator.

The enterprise big data opportunity is, in many ways, just getting started. Big data market dynamics will make it possible for all types of enterprises to gain more value from their existing data resources, fully leverage emerging big data analytics, and begin reducing complexity and expense in overall enterprise data architecture, in part by taking advantage of hosted infrastructure services.

We’re psyched to be jointly addressing enterprise big data requirements with MapR, and encourage you to visit the Savvis Big Data Solutions page for more details on Savvis Big Data Foundation Services and our MapR partnership.

Milan Vaclavik is Senior Director and Solution Lead for Savvis’ big data practice.


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