June Release of Apache packages Includes Hive 13, Sqoop 2 and More

The latest monthly release of the Apache open source packages in MapR is now available for customers. The release includes updates to several OSS packages including Hive, HBase, Oozie, Hue and Sqoop. Here are some of the highlights of the release:

  • Hive 0.13 makes its debut and provides several new features and improvements around SQL join operations, data types, UDFs as well as improvements to HiveServer security and HCatalog.
  • Patches for Hive 0.11 and Hive 0.12 are also available, while ensuring continued forward and backward compatibility across versions.
  • Hue 3.5 is in with the redesigned interface and all the new bells and whistles including support for new query editors and Oozie job submissions.
  • Sqoop 2 is now available and works with Hue. Sqoop is going through considerable changes, so ensure you understand the nuances between Sqoop1 and Sqoop 2 before you migrate.

MapR constantly tests, validates and hardens the open source projects before releasing the latest updates each month. As always, MapR customers enjoy the flexibility to migrate to the newer packages at their own pace as MapR continues to support multiple versions of the projects.

The packages are available here. They are certified with MapR Release 3.0.3, 3.1.0 and 3.1.1. Please refer to individual release notes for more details.


Version: 0.11

URL:  https://github.com/mapr/hive

Tag: 0.11-mapr-1405

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hive+0.11.0-1405+Release+Notes


Version: 0.12

URL:  https://github.com/mapr/hive

Tag: 0.12-mapr-1405

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hive+0.12.0-1405+Release+Notes


Version: 0.13

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hive

Tag: 0.13-mapr-1405

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hive+0.13.0-1405+Release+Notes



Version: 4.0.0

URL: https://github.com/mapr/oozie

Tag: 4.0.0-mapr-140

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Oozie+4.0.0-1405+Release+Notes



Version: 3.5.0

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hue

Tag: 3.5.0-mapr-1405

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Hue+3.5-1405+Release+Notes



Version: 1.99.3

URL:  https://github.com/mapr/sqoop

Tag: 1.99.3-mapr-1405

Release notes: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/Sqoop2+Release+Notes



Version: 0.94.17

URL: https://github.com/mapr/hbase

Tag: 0.94.17-mapr-1405

Release note: http://doc.mapr.com/display/components/HBase+0.94.17-1405+Release+Notes



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