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Got a stagnant data architecture? Have only one source of data? Only query one data set on your one server once a year? We didn’t think so. Your data architecture and the number of sources and types of data are doing nothing but multiplying every day. And nothing is going away, right? We are all digital pack rats who have become leery of ever touching the delete key. Combine this with ever-increasing sources of both structured and unstructured data being added to your data architectures and you find yourselves looking for help. We are here to help you, with our partner Teradata—MapR is integrated with Teradata QueryGrid™.

You can read more about all the Teradata QueryGrid goodness here, but in a nutshell: Teradata QueryGrid optimizes and simplifies access to the systems and data within the Unified Data Architecture and beyond to other source systems, delivering seamless multi-system analytics to end users. By combining Teradata’s QueryGrid with MapR, you now can get access to the data in your data warehouse as well as Hadoop and NoSQL data sets in MapR. And here’s the best part: this integration and data access happens at query run time, so it’s really fast.

What might this look like in practice? I’m glad you asked. Let’s say a bank has a set of data that they are required by the government to keep. However, the requirement is only to have the data available and be able to run a report on it once a year. This less frequently accessed type of data could easily be offloaded to MapR. The bank could then, when necessary, query it with QueryGrid and join it with data in their existing data warehouse. In addition to the querying capabilities, the bank could also realize benefits in reducing data duplication and storage costs by moving this low business value, less frequently accessed data to Hadoop.

MapR is exhibiting at the Teradata Universe Conference in Europe this week, April 19 -22 in Amsterdam. Come visit us to learn more.


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