Hadoop Goes to Hollywood

Apache Hadoop is a rapidly growing technology within the Media and Entertainment industry. Major Hollywood studios are looking for an advantage to increase revenues, make faster and smarter business decisions, monetize video content across new channels, understand real-time customer sentiment, enhance marketing effectiveness, increase ratings and viewership and ensure the likelihood of a Hollywood blockbuster – all while reducing the risk of another box office bomb.

Hadoop is a natural fit for Hollywood studios as they evolve into the digital age. As more people consume movies and TV shows online, massive amounts of data are pouring in from various online social media and streaming outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc. The studios need to analyze this data in “real-time” to understand their customers and their business. The data coming from these online sources is in an unstructured format and is growing at an enormous rate. This “Big Data” does not fit into the traditional enterprise data warehouses such as Teradata and Oracle; Hadoop was built to address both issues and does so with a lower total cost of ownership.

Hadoop has become next generation data management platform for Hollywood studios. The reasons are below:

1. Hadoop can store, process and analyze data of all types and structures at an extremely economical rate. On average, Hadoop costs less than $1000 per terabyte, while using a legacy data warehouse (Teradata or Oracle) can cost upwards of $15000 per terabyte. This is a huge benefit and helps Hollywood studios keep IT costs low and profits high.

Hadoop can scale to meet the growing data landscape without the need to purchase expensive hardware and proprietary software. As a data environment grows, just plug in another inexpensive commodity Hadoop “node” server to increase capacity.

2. Hadoop advanced analytics can help studios better monetize their large digital video catalog libraries and various content, including TV shows and movies, across the growing number of devices and channels now available to the average end-user.

3. Hadoop can help optimize marketing spend across various channels through advanced segmentation, customer sentiment analysis and by providing a closer understanding of customer and audience behavior. Marketing is a huge part of the studios’ annual budget, so the ROI from using Hadoop in marketing is enormous.

4. Hadoop can provide a single source of truth for analyzing large amounts of disparate data types across the organization via deploying an ‘Enterprise Data Hub’ or ‘Data Lake’. This can eliminate silos of data and let data be easily shared and accessed across BUs, including marketing, creative, finance and IT to make smarter, faster and better business decisions.

Hadoop and Hollywood are a perfect match as the studios transition into the digital age. The good news is there is a proven solution ready and waiting to address this disruptive transition with MapR.

MapR has many Fortune 500 customers using our industry-leading Hadoop platform as the foundation for their Big Data strategy. This is a result of our enterprise-grade solution that provides the lowest TCO on the market. As the leader in production Hadoop deployments, we take a partnership approach, working closely with our customers to develop solutions that ensure their success. Jacob works in the field at MapR in the southern California area.

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