First Public Demo of Apache Drill

We are very excited to report the first public demonstration of Apache Drill at the recent Portland Java User's Group. The gathering of about fifty had a front row seat for this major milestone for the project. The reference interpreter was shown executing the internal query format against nested data.

For background, Apache Drill is intended to provide a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets. This open source project was inspired by Google's Dremel technology and aims to process trillions of records in seconds.

The goals of the reference interpreter are:
  • To provide a simple way to run a Logical Plan against sample data and get back the expected result.
  • Allow work to start on the parsers while project developers scale up the performance and capabilities of the execution engine and optimizer.
  • Work on support for hierarchical data and schema-less data.
Next steps? Is anyone interested in tackling a bunch of additional evaluator function definitions?

We invite everyone to participate and contribute to the Apache Drill project. How? Subscribe to the Drill Project mailing list. For more background on the reference interpreter see the slides from the Portland Java User’s Group here.

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