Exploding Hadoop Market Needs Enterprise Grade Capabilities Now

An article I read on ReadWrite Enterprise, “One Hadoop to Rule Them All” offers a take on the exploding Hadoop market. It mentions the entrance of relative newcomers such as EMC, IBM, and Intel which just reinforces the burgeoning enterprise demand for Hadoop and Big Data analytics. These established enterprise vendors know that Hadoop is on everyone’s IT radar.

Demand for Hadoop in the enterprise is pushing the need for enterprise Hadoop features to the forefront. Hadoop’s scalability tops off at 100 million files because of limitations from having a single NameNode. To make it enterprise grade and allow for speedy recovery, here at MapR, we de-centralized and distributed the NameNode. This increased the upper limit to a trillion files, making it possible for all the nodes to participate in recovery efforts if needed. MapR’s NFS support allows a virtually unlimited number of files to be supported and to be read and written by many other tools and technologies.

As the article points out, “[u]ltimately, companies that make it easier to get value from Hadoop will win big.” At MapR, we’ve worked with a lot of companies that are currently getting value today. The technology is used to analyze hundreds of billions of objects a day, 90% of the Internet population every month, and over a trillion dollars in retail transactions every year.

The Hadoop market has truly entered a new phase: the enterprise phase. We are excited to be leading this phase.

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