Ecosystem Update Enhances Hive with SSL Support and Enhancements

As the community releases ecosystem updates, MapR provides updates to our MapR ecosystem.

I would like to highlight our recent Hive update which adds support for SSL, PAM authentication along with ODBC driver user/password authentication support over SSL.

Today, in order to authenticate Hive Client to HiveServer2 in cases when Kerberos is not used, username/password are transferred from Hive client (such as ODBC/JDBC) to HiveServer2 in plain text which can intercepted in network thus compromising the user authentication details. Basically the communication channel between HiveServer2 and Hive client is not encrypted. With SSL we plugged the security hole by securing the communication channel between HiveServer2 and Hive using SSL encryption. For usage details refer to these links HiveServe2 and Hive Client.

In addition to the LDAP username/password authentication method, we added a new method of authentication which is popular in Linux based systems: Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) authenticator. This will make use of the existing PAM modules on Linux based system (where HiveServer2 is running) to authenticate Hive clients. Hive clients can connect from any platform (Linux, Windows, Mac etc..). For usage details click here.

Along with Hive, Sqoop, Pig, Cascading and Oozie are certified with MapR Release and 3.0.0, and are available at:

Following are ecosystem-related Github and release note links.

Version: branch-0.9-mapr
Tag: 0.9-mapr-1308

Version: branch-0.10-mapr
Tag: 0.10-mapr-1308

Version: branch-0.11-mapr
Tag: 0.11-mapr-1308

Also updated the docs:

Version: branch-1.4.4-mapr
Tag: 1.4.4-mapr-1308

Version: 0.11-mapr
Tag: 0.11-mapr-1308


Version: release-3.3.2-mapr
Tag: 3.3.2-mapr-1308

Please check our blog regularly for the very latest details on these updates.


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