Canonical bundles MapR distro with Ubuntu; MapR expands access to Apache Hadoop components on GitHub

MapR made two significant announcements today regarding our efforts to support the Hadoop ecosystem and provide an open enterprise-grade platform to Big Data users.

First, MapR is partnering with Canonical, the organization behind the Ubuntu operating system, to package and make available for download an integrated offering of MapR Distibution with Ubuntu.  The free MapR M3 Edition includes HBase, Pig, Hive, Mahout, Cascading, Sqoop, Flume and other Hadoop support tools.   MapR is the only distribution that enables Linux applications and commands to access data directly in the cluster via the NFS interface that is available with all MapR Editions.

Canonical and MapR are also working to develop a Juju Charm that can be used by OpenStack and other customers to easily deploy MapR into their environments.  Click here for more details about MapR and Ubuntu.

Next, MapR announced that the source code for the component packages of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop is now publicly available on GitHub.  The MapR Distribution combines over a dozen different packages for Hadoop. The source code for these packages, including MapR’s fixes and enhancements, is now publicly available on Github at

In addition, MapR is releasing binaries, source code and documentation in a public Maven repository making it easier for developers to develop, build and deploy their Hadoop-based applications.  Click here for more details.

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