Built to Last: What it Takes to Make a Lasting Impact

Having seen many technology cycles during their 45 years in venture capital — including the birth of the PC era, the transition to client-server computing and then web-based computing, and the emergence of the cloud and SaaS models — the team at early-stage venture capital firm Mayfield recognizes the pattern for what it takes for a company to go from startup to leader.

Uniquely positioned to observe what it takes to build a lasting company, Navin Chaddha, managing director at Mayfield, recently described Five Factors In Building Giants Of The Big Data Era in Techcrunch. 

One factor Chaddha lists is about embracing the rolling-up-your–sleeves attitude needed to wrangle big data.  Solving messy, hard problems that no one wants to touch is a sure path to success.  He cites data integration pioneer Informatica who became a giant by tackling tough data integration challenges and has maintained its edge by being positioned as a leader in the Gartner Data Integration Magic Quadrant eight years running.  Read about the other four factors on Techcrunch.

Streaming Data Architecture:

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