Big Data Everywhere coming to NY and Texas

Big Data Everywhere is where end users and industry experts share use case learnings and their practical Hadoop and big data experience. This half-day conference will help you learn how enterprises are leveraging big data and Hadoop in order to maintain a competitive edge.  

You’ll be able to find out how to manage your complex mass of information sources and better understand your customers, operations, and the financial marketplace as a whole.

These upcoming events in Austin, Dallas, and New York City will focus on harnessing your data and your numerous data sources to better understand customers, run more efficient operations, and mitigate risk. Customers and industry experts will share expertise on machine learning, fraud detection and secure collaboration.

Register by October 21 with the code MapR to get a 20% discount.

Big Data Everywhere Austin  October 27th | Agenda and Registration

Big Data Everywhere Dallas  October 28th | Agenda and Registration

Big Data Everywhere New York  November 4th | Agenda and Registration

Sessions include:

  • Leverage a Hadoop Data Lake to Address Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting 
  • Odyssey: A Look at The Evolution of Big Data Ingestion Pipelines
  • Customer 360, Patient 360, Vehicle 360
  • From Model T to Mars – Bringing Machine Maintenance Data into the 21st Century with Hadoop
  • Predicting Asymmetric Threats on Hadoop
  • Using Hadoop to Detect Fraud, Waste and Abuse

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