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Sean Kandel
CTO & Co-founder , Trifacta

Sean is Trifacta’s Chief Technical Officer. He completed his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where his research focused on user interfaces for database systems. At Stanford, Sean led development of new tools for data transformation and discovery, such as Data Wrangler. He previously worked as a data analyst at Citadel Investment Group.

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Posted on February 11, 2015 by Sean Kandel

The following is a guest blog post from Sean Kandel, CTO & Co-founder of MapR Partner, Trifacta. It’s no secret that enterprises are increasingly adopting Hadoop for a variety of analytic purposes. The Hadoop software stack introduces entirely new economics for storing and processing data at scale. It also allows organizations unparalleled flexibility in how they’re able to leverage data of all shapes and sizes to uncover insights about their business.

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